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About LA Consulting Firm

Expert Accounting and HR Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

LA Consulting firm knows Hospitality professionals because that's who we are. Founded in the New York City Tri-State Area and working with clients across the nation, we bring clarity and strategy to the complex environments of restaurants, hotels, and bars with over thirty years of combined knowledge. We partner with Hospitality businesses across the New York Tri-State Area. Our Accounting and HR services are designed to streamline operations, ensure compliance, and enhance profitability so you can focus on your guests.

Our Team

As Accounting & HR professionals in the Hospitality industry in New York, Loren and Alisa witnessed the hardships and triumphs of leadership teams in an ever-changing climate, both before and after COVID-19.  Wanting to help, they created LA Consulting Firm, giving them the opportunity to focus on businesses in need of their expertise.

Portrait of Loren Rosario, tax and accounting extraordinaire with LA Consulting Firm

Loren Rosario

All Things Finance

Loren has worked with some of the best known hospitality and hotel groups in New York for over a decade, including Ravel Hotel Management Group, The Breslin at Ace Hotel, and Pastis.  Having worked her way through several positions within the industry, she comes to the table with a well-rounded foundation.  Loren takes pride in building systems that last and training a team.  As a founder of LA Consulting Firm, she can focus on her passion for business, numbers, and teaching.  She is a committed financial partner who puts the utmost care into her work. 

Originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Loren's biggest strengths derive from the skills that her family passed on to her.  Learning business from her father Sergio, numbers from her uncle Wilfrido, and teaching from her mother Emigdia, she practices the knowledge and integrity she learned from them in her own career. 

A graduate of La Guardia Community College and Baruch College, Loren is well-versed in best practices and systems for your financial needs.  Her discipline and perseverance in her teaching will empower your team and give them the ability to succeed on their own.

Portrait of Loren Rosario, co-founder and HR Expert with LA Consulting Firm

Alisa Lozano

All Things People

Originally from El Paso, Texas, Alisa has worked in Hospitality in New York since 2003.  A graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, she worked her way up in some of the best known restaurants in the country including Per Se and Jean Georges before pursuing leadership at industry favorites Tia Pol and Foragers City Table.  When given the opportunity to work at Union Square Hospitality Group, Alisa accepted a role on the People and Culture team, working with Angie Buonpane for several years before creating her own HR program. 

Alisa credits her family and culture for her foundation and philosophy.  To this day, she shares that she is fortunate enough to receive advice from her 99 year-old grandfather.  A mother of two, she believes in looking for the best work/life balance while helping professionals to find the time for the same.  Helping businesses build a genuine culture is her favorite part of the job.

Alisa's approach to business includes putting people first and building relationships.  As a partner at LA Consulting Firm, she is the HR business partner you can collaborate with and learn from.  Having worked in service at the highest level and trained leadership teams for success, she has the polish and grit to handle any situation.  

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