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Our accounting services are designed to analyze current sales and expenses, setting you up for the most successful systems for your business.  We will review best practices to keep you compliant and set you up for success.  We will set goals and tangible deadlines to accomplish them!  


Bookkeeping Training

This is an in-depth training in best practices from chart of accounts to budget analysis.  Our goal is to set up systems and SOPs that will ensure accuracy as well as uniformity.  After completing this training, your team will take on the accounting tasks with ease.  Sessions will be customized based on your teams current level of understanding.

Cost Analysis Training 

This training is a comprehensive analysis of the direct and indirect costs that affect your business.  We will cover labor cost, food & liquor costs, inventory turnover, and other industry-related ratios.  The goal of this course is to provide your team with the tools they need to create their own thoughtful cost analyses.

Budgets: Analysis & Implementation Training

This training program will teach your team how to create, analyze and implement budgets.  We will cover the parameters of how to estimate revenue and expenses.  Included are Excel basics, and advanced formulas necessary to build realistic budgets that can be used regularly.


Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

We will maintain your financials including invoice processing, sales journal entries, accounts payable, accounts receivable, ledger maintenance, bank + credit card + loan reconciliations, cashflow management, payroll reporting, sales use/ tax, balance sheet reconciliation, and preparation of financial statement. 

CFO Services

CFO Services were created to give you the ability to choose only what you need.  Select from cashflow forecast, budget preparation, weekly financial projections, break-even analysis, inventory analysis, or labor cost management.  Based on your needs, we will customize the support we provide.

P&L and Balance Sheet Services for Owners & Management

This is an extensive review of financial statements for team members that don't have an accounting background.  Your team will learn the fundamentals of assets, liabilities, and equity accounts.  We will teach you how to read financial statements on a deeper level, helping to foster long-term solid decision making for your business.  

Internal Control Audits

This audit will measure the health of your current business today.  We will analyze current your systems for  cash management, inventory, theft, and record-keeping.  This audit will help to guard your assets and reduce potential fines.  We will train your team to implement changes that will improve your business.



Let's hop on a call and talk things through. Together, we'll create a plan that sets you up for the most successful systems for your business.

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