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The Importance of Showing Your Team Gratitude Year Round

For the first time since before COVID-19, our industry seems to be bustling in a way we are familiar with. The “start - stop” routine we became accustomed to during the pandemic seems to have come to a halt. Our guests are out and about, and the holiday season is officially in full swing. With 2023 quickly approaching, we are taking a step back to take inventory of where we are, how far we have come, and what the new year will bring.

Though our new normal is not without challenges, it feels good to know that we are moving forward. At Thanksgiving, it makes sense to think about the gratitude we have for our teams. No time like the present to find thoughtful ways to do so year round. At LA Consulting, here are some ways we remind one another that we are so grateful for each other “just because.”

  • When it’s been a challenging week: We forget to show our thanks when we are stressed or when things don’t go our way. When things get tough, say thank you anyway! It goes a long way.

  • Because it’s Tuesday: Set a reminder on your calendar to send an email, text, or in-person thank you for showing up. It can be on the same day each week, biweekly, or once a month! Open weekly meetings with some thoughts about your gratitude, and encourage your team to get involved.

  • When you’re running behind: Instead of apologizing, thank your team for their patience when they are waiting for you to arrive or join a meeting. Let them know you appreciate their flexibility, and that we are all human.

  • When someone anticipates your needs: When you notice that your team is anticipating each other’s needs, set an example by acknowledging and thanking them regularly.

  • Random gestures: Stepped out for lunch? Bring back a bag of candy for the team. See pens on sale at the store? Buy a pack and pass them out. See an opportunity to let someone leave early after a busy shift? Be sure to thank them before they leave!

Most importantly, be present and available. Sometimes the non-verbal gratitude is the loudest message.


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