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Things That Bring Us Joy: Celebrating Pockets of Happiness!

December 27, 2022

As we wrap up the year, we are taking inventory of our wins and challenges in 2022. It is clear that for LA Consulting, our biggest learning is that the best kind of partnership is one that grows over time. Loren and I are both strong, independent, opinionated women, lol. We are also just as different as we are similar. Overall, this has worked in our favor, but not without challenges! This year, we have learned to lean on one another, support each other, and push each other. Through trial and error, we have also learned when to do each of those things. We have a balance that works well for us, and a level of trust that has fostered our own growth and the growth of our company. I feel so fortunate to say that I’m glad we chose one another as partners in this endeavor. We drive each other crazy sometimes for sure, but this would not be a balanced partnership if we didn’t. With grateful hearts and minds, we decided at a recent lunch that we will focus more on the things that bring us joy - every day. We will celebrate every win, however small. To put it plainly, enjoy the f*@k out of the things that make us happy! After all, these are the moments that have gotten us through the hard stuff.

As a team, we figure seizing the moment, and celebrating ourselves regularly will not only feel great, but spread amongst the people we are surrounded by everyday. We are so lucky to be surrounded by the amazing humans on our team and in our community. I often remind clients to put their own oxygen masks on first, allowing them to better take care of their guests. We are taking our own advice, celebrating the pockets of joy that make us smile in the moment. They are things that make our inner child want to do a cartwheel, laugh, or sing. We hope to inspire you to notice the things you find each day that make your heart happy. So eat that piece of cake, visit that colleague you haven’t seen in a while. Take photos of the people that make you laugh out loud. Plan for that PTO. Take inventory of what you really need or want to make time for. Whatever it may be for you, we encourage you to also jump in and EnJOY!


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