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Clear Communication Makes Happy Employees

10 Ideas for Clear and Consistent Communication in The Workplace.
Clear, consistent communication is so valuable, and reinforces a good workplace culture.

Ring in 2022 with company updates, announcements and some well-deserved thank yous to your team. In our day to day, one of the biggest pain points on the teams we work with is a “lack of communication.” We like to say that it is impossible to over communicate. No time like the present to take this bull by the horns and share important information with your teams! Clear, consistent communication is so valuable, and reinforces a good workplace culture.

We recommend finding the best way for your business to update employees with all the current “goings on.” We like newsletters, flyers posted in high-traffic areas, email blasts, and announcements at pre-shift meetings. Not sure where to start or don’t have the bandwidth to do something fancy? Simple is still super effective. Send your team an email, remind them verbally, and reinforce messages in one-on-one conversations. Ensure that your leadership team is on the same page and check in regularly to confirm that employees are in the loop.

Sounds easy enough, right? Need some inspiration? Here are 10 ideas to inspire you. Happy New Year, and Happy Communicating!

1. New Hires/ Promotions

Announce start dates, titles, and past experiences of new hires joining your team to build excitement for current and new team members. Honor the hard work of employees recently promoted, highlighting their value to the team.

2. New Opportunities Within the Company

Posting new jobs to fill needs within the company? Thinking it’s time to promote some of your people? Perhaps some employees have moved on and you have positions to fill. Give your team the details. For current positions, the team will appreciate knowing that you are actively looking for help, and for new job openings, they may be eager to apply or spread the word!

3. New Initiatives for the New Year

Are you changing uniforms? Installing a new POS? Changing hours of operation? Updating your website? Share this with your team, even if it is “in the works,” and not quite ready. This builds anticipation and creates a sense of belonging when your team feels that they are in the loop.

4. Thank Your Team!

A huge “thank you” for hard work & flexibility is much appreciated. This is a simple reminder that their contributions to the business are noticed. Setting an example of gratefulness encourages employees to do the same with one another and builds team pride. Acknowledging the team publicly also reminds them that you care.

5. Exciting Changes to Service, Menu and Wine Programs

Change is good! Give your team news of changes with excitement. Encouraging questions and feedback fosters open dialogue and collaboration, making your changes for guests successful.

6. New Laws, Mandates and/or Company Policies

Announce dates and expectations when it comes to being compliant with local, state and federal requirements. Reinforce the importance of understanding and following company policy amongst your team. Consistency here is key!

7. Upcoming Events

Even if they are a few months out or unconfirmed, events are exciting for everyone on the team. The idea of a lively, full dining room, an off-site event, or a collaboration with outside talent is fun for employees and leaders alike.

8. New Benefits

Tell your team about benefits you would like to activate this year. Telling your team about plans for additional benefits reminds your team that you are focused on offering relevant, meaningful work perks.

9. Routines and Policies

Take the opportunity to remind employees about everyday expectations. Time & Attendance, Uniform Standards, and Steps of Service are important every day! Reminding your team of what they are accountable for keeps things running smoothly and shows consistency.

10. Encourage Feedback

Remind your team that you want to hear from them about their employee experience, suggestions for improvement and challenges. Communication is a two-way street, and we find that an open door policy reassures employees that they are heard. While not every request or suggestion can be accommodated, listening to your employees keeps the dialogue going.

At LA Consulting, we support leaders through the highs and lows of the hospitality life cycle. How can we support you? Schedule an info call below, we would love to learn more.


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