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Stay Organized and Increase Your Productivity With a Few Tweaks

Stay Organized and Increase Your Productivity With a Few Tweaks

We remind our clients to keep records and workspaces organized without exception! We like to call this doing something that your future self will thank you for. Everything starts with your space. Size DOES NOT matter; a day spent organizing any size space will be worth the effort. Here are some ways we maintain order in our offices.

However raw your space, make it feel good.

This will help you to stay productive, give you an appropriate work space, and keep you on task! What makes you happy? Plants, photos, and books are very common, but what about the lighting? The chair you sit in? A speaker to play the music that motivates you? Do you need a place to put the shoes you might change into later? If you don’t work in an office and sit at a chair, what might inspire you in your space? Put the time and work into discovering what makes you feel happy while working and the desire to keep the space clean and organized comes organically.

Avoid stacks of papers that are not alike.

Sort like with like, as soon as possible. Set a standard with employees and coworkers to do the same. If your habits are non-negotiable, they will help you long-term! Need to save receipts? Even a simple bankers box labeled by month will help to keep everything organized. Another helpful habit is scanning to file electronically. This cuts down on paper and clutter in the space. Cumbersome tools? That bulky paper cutter or the laminator you don’t use daily can be kept on a high shelf or in a separate closet if you are maximizing your space in a small office.

Important business documents can be stored in one place.

Avoid ever having to search important documents again. As you receive important information that must be kept, scan it as soon as possible to have a copy at all times. Shred confidential documents as soon as they are scanned to avoid important details being shared with the wrong person(s). The few minutes it may take to file something away today will pay off tomorrow!


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