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Five Ways to Tweak your "Recruit to Hire" Process in a COVID-19 Climate

Five Ways to Tweak your "Recruit to Hire" Process in a COVID-19 Climate

Now more than ever, employers are looking for creative ways to attract the best talent. In an effort to attract new employees, it is easy to get caught up in gimmicks. Employees appreciate thoughtfulness. While recruiting can be a huge challenge, smart leaders are finding that simple details often attract the very best to join their teams. Here are some best practices that work for us at LA Consulting.

After posting a job, allocate a few hours to devote strictly to responding to the first applicants.

This way, you get an idea of who is applying right off the bat. If you aren’t seeing the experience you are looking for in your applicants, you can quickly repost or edit your job post. Create a warm, enthusiastic response that you can use when reaching out. This will save you time and maintain consistency. For those candidates that stand out, schedule an interview asap!

Don’t wait to schedule interviews.

Candidates appreciate a quick response and timely follow up. The competition is fierce, so make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck after posting jobs. Make time to meet with as many people as soon as possible. Remember that employees have many options and just because you would like to hire them doesn’t always mean they will accept!

Share your personality with your applicants.

Be personable and engage with candidates in your interviews. Did they graduate online due to COVID-19? Where are they from? How do they feel they can add value to your company? This will give you a good idea of how someone will interact in the workplace on a daily basis. If you are hiring for not just experience, but motivation and work ethic, you won't be disappointed!

Don’t be afraid to correct candidates in the moment if they are off base or uniformed about your company.

One of the biggest gripes employers receive across the board is that they are not sharing enough feedback in the moment with their employees. The interview is where this starts! For example, if someone describes your company incorrectly, educate them and share your vision. Who better to hear it from than you!? This is also an opportunity to set the tone when you first meet.

Clear, Consistent Communication is key for employee retention post-hire.

When offering a position, be as clear as possible. When is the first day? What is the payroll cycle? If you have a welcome packet or orientation, employees should receive it as close to their hire dates as possible. Setting the stage for “how your business rolls” will create a great return for the time invested. Employees will appreciate being welcomed to the team with clear guidance.


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