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Employee Recognition - Do Employees Really Appreciate It?

Employee Recognition - Do Employees Really Appreciate It?

Of course they do! The question is how much time you are putting into a “nod” to your employees. We often get so caught up in training, constructive feedback and processes when it comes to managing a team. Don’t forget to hand out pats on the back, and freely! Is the idea of Employee of the Month outdated? The simple answer is, “kinda.” Much like anything else in the business, it is all in the details. At LA Consulting, we love these ideas for our team; check them out!

The “for no particular reason” recognition.

Are you short-staffed? Are your key employees picking up the slack? Send them a thank you card recognizing their efforts! Send them a small gift card to a coffee shop close by or even a bakery or market they can check out. It is human nature to focus on all the things that need to be fixed or taken care of and forget to just say, “hey, you’re awesome and thank you!” Use Card Snacks or other apps to send it instantly to brighten their day.

When you know your employees well...

Some teams spend more time together than they do with their families. We get to know one another and know each other's hobbies, likes and dislikes. If you are recognizing an employee for a job well-done, small gifts like paint brushes for the artist, a bike bell for the biker, and hand lotion for the spa-goer remind your employees that they are amongst people who get them.

Birthdays and special occasions.

Birthdays and special occasions provide a great opportunity to show your employees you are thinking of them. Send a quick card, email, or verbal acknowledgement on their special days. Employers are often surprised that remembering an occasion means so much, even for the most private employee.

When the budget allows...

For holiday gifts, employee parties and after a big event such as opening a new location or landing a large account, be creative about the gifts you are giving. There is an impression that employees only ever want cash or an increase in pay, and while those are for sure always the reason we all work, creative gifts are also very appreciated. Some examples include a spa day, an experience like axe-throwing or skydiving, or a round of golf.


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