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Record Keeping and Finances

Record Keeping and Finances

Stick to these best practices when it comes to keeping track of expenses and you will never be disappointed!

  • Save receipts - hate paper? Take a photo and email, scan your receipt, or ask the business for an electronic receipt!

  • Use your credit card vs. cash for expenses; this is an instant record of what was spent, the date, and where.

  • Create categories for your business expenses so you know what went where at all times.

  • Download every app you use for tracking spending; this gives you the ability to set up notifications and stay on top of everything in the moment.

  • Plan for time to pay bills. This gives you the focus and energy to choose based on due dates, current funds, and upcoming costs.

  • Communicate to your leadership. They need to know what your financial goals are to help you achieve them! If they are receiving mail, using a corporate credit card, and/ or ordering goods, set standards for them to keep your records organized.

  • Train your leadership to communicate with you about business needs, quotes from vendors, and upcoming costs that they will need your help with. Transparency is key.

  • Create an expense report for reimbursements.

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