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Managing the Stress of the Pandemic in the Workplace

What can leaders in hospitality do during extreme challenges due to severe staff shortages?
What can leaders in Hospitality do during extreme challenges due to Pandemic-related challenges?

At LA Consulting Firm, we are working behind the scenes, serving those who serve. Right now, we are supporting an industry under more stress than we have ever seen. We have witnessed our clients’ extreme challenges due to severe staff shortages. Recent closures in NYC and around the country were unavoidable due to spikes in COVID-19 cases. Mandates and laws change so often, and with little notice.

When managing COVID-19 feels like a full time job, how can leaders find time for everything?

We won’t pretend to have all the answers, but we have found that managing the ongoing challenges brought by the pandemic requires some special ingredients we haven’t always carried with us. These have helped our team to cope, and our hope is that these are helpful for you and your teams as well.

Prioritize your own recovery.

Acknowledge the challenges and the mental toll caused by the pandemic. Think of “putting the oxygen mask on first.” Be patient with yourself and take a breather when you can, however brief. Encourage your team to do the same.

Stay positive.

We are in the business of making others happy, but we sometimes forget about ourselves. Remind yourself about everything you have accomplished so far, reach out for help unapologetically, and offer help to others who need it.

Practice healthy habits.

Rest up! Doing so will give your mind and body what they need to handle the stress. Eat well, and drink plenty of water to stay healthy and alert. Stay connected with family and friends. They know you best, and their support is so helpful.

Set priorities.

You are only one person; you can only do so much! Tackle projects one piece at a time. Be clear about expectations of yourself and others, and make flexibility a habit for yourself and your team.

Celebrate every win, however small.

Acknowledging your teams by calling out a great service, a happy guest, or a great recovery from a mistake is key to making it through stressful times.

At LA Consulting, we support Hospitality leaders with their HR & Accounting needs. Schedule an info call to learn more!


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