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Four Ways to Keep Your Resume Fresh and Ready to Send

Add your skills, projects, and accomplishments over time to your hospitality resume.

Let’s face it; there is never spare time to update your resume. Depending on your experience and resources, it may be something you actually want to avoid. We hear you, and we still encourage you to keep your resume up to date!

Even if you stay in your current role for years to come, there are events, articles, and business partners that may ask for the details of your resume at any given time. Be prepared to share something you are really excited about by adding your skills, projects, and accomplishments over time.

Here are four ways to keep your #hospitality resume fresh and ready to send!

1. Hire An Expert

If resume formatting or writing is NOT your bag, find someone who is great at it. Even if you have to invest in a professional’s time, it is well worth it. A timeless, clean resume that is clear and precise will always do your experience justice.

2. Use Timeless Formats

Look at trends on resumes you may be looking at in your workplace. If you are a hiring manager, pay attention to the resume formats you like. Keep fonts, colors, and details in mind that you would like to also apply to your own resume content.

3. Ask Colleagues for Feedback

You have seen your resume so many times that your eyes may cross when you look at it. Ask some trusted peers to give you feedback, and boost your resume that way!

4. Update While It's Fresh

Update your resume as you accomplish goals or receive accolades. Received a promotion? Change your title then. Learned a new skill or created a change in operations or menu that led to an increase in sales or covers? Add it right away.

Always keep a document that you can edit and a PDF file to send when you need it. Even if you save it in a folder through your email provider, it’s important to have it on hand to send at any time.

Still need some support? We can help! At LA Consulting Firm, we work with you to learn about your experience, personality and personal style before updating your resume or creating one from scratch.

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