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Investing In Yourself Full-Time

In Hospitality, we are so accustomed to taking care of others. Sometimes, it comes at the expense of our families, our personal time, and even our mental health.

At LA Consulting Firm, we have learned through experience that if we look at our needs first and make them a priority, the people in our lives (both personally and professionally) will also benefit from us doing so.

When we talk about the idea of investing in ourselves, we sometimes struggle to define exactly what that means. We are all so different and have different needs, so where do we start when we decide to make our own needs a priority?

Take a Minute; Devote Your Undivided Attention to How You Are Feeling Right Now.

We are so good at assessing situations and solving problems on the fly in the workplace. Sometimes when we look inward to assess what we need, it takes a minute to get a true pulse of how we feel and what we need. Opening a restaurant? It is extremely demanding and all-consuming. Are you understaffed? In the middle of the holiday season? Preparing for a menu change or training a new manager? All of these tasks can demand our time in a way that can feel great and productive. We thrive in moments of high productivity and feel a sense of accomplishment with a job well done. What can we do to create a healthy routine outside of work that helps us thrive in our day to day? We suggest taking a minute to think about how you are feeling right now. Are you tired? Exhilarated? Overwhelmed? Excited? Getting a “feel for all of your feels” will help determine how to best move forward. Give yourself permission to dive in and find the answer; the goal is to find some balance.

Based On How You’re Feeling, What Do You Need Right This Minute?

What will help you to thrive right this second? Schedule some much needed time with family or friends, go on a hike, plan for a trip, or just spend some alone time at the gym. We all have our favorite pastimes and hobbies that feed us. Find what is right for you, and make it a priority every day, every week, or every month depending on the activity.

Often, we let our personal needs fall off of our radar and we keep “running” to stay afloat with our workplace demands. Plan for some time that takes you away from your workplace 100% and foster it, even if it’s just for an hour a week! You will benefit from giving back to yourself. Your coworkers, family, friends and loved ones will thank you!

In the workplace as a leader, this is a great example to set for your team, giving them the permission to refresh as well. In your personal life, the people that mean the most to you will feel cared for and have the opportunity to give you some quality time.

Invest In Yourself Financially!

When we have been in the same environment for a while, we can get comfortable. Are you thinking about your future and your long-term goals? When you feel you have mastered your current role, seek out education that will take you to the next level professionally. This is a return on investment that you won't regret! Be thoughtful about the education you choose; are you interested in taking your wine knowledge to the next level? Are you looking to improve your organizational and communication skills? Seize the moment and take your training into your own hands; your future self will be so happy.

If professional development doesn’t quite “scratch the itch,” what do you think will? Take that pottery class you have wanted to take for ages, join that gym you have been a huge fan of for years, or spend some time researching what exactly will make you tick. We all need fuel, and education fuels our growth!

Boundaries Are The New Black.

We are all so busy in our day to day lives, wearing many hats. Try to avoid never saying no, because it is important to set healthy boundaries. Overcommitment can lead to burnout! Be realistic about what you can accomplish, and put yourself first. Make decisions based on what you would like to do (or can do) vs. what someone else might expect you to do. There is always a way to find time for a reasonable workload, however busy you are, while protecting yourself.

With creative planning, delegation, thoughtful leadership, and communication, we can achieve our workplace and personal goals. We recognize we can’t always have it all, but we can come close!


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