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Why a Podcast? Our Journey in ‘Surviving Hospitality,’ LA Consulting Firm’s Platform for Hospitality

In the spirit of highlighting our passion for building relationships, the idea to create a podcast was born.

We started a podcast this year and we are so excited to share the stories of our favorite chefs, wine professionals and FOH leaders. It is clear to us that #Hospitality professionals are cut from the same cloth. However diverse our backgrounds, experiences, and titles, we do what we do for the people and the love we have for food, wine and entertaining. And it isn’t just about dining out. It’s about our cultures and the emotional ties we have to all the wonderful things that “feed” us. It’s about the relationships we build and the connections we foster.

But First, Why LA Consulting?

We believe our clients feel supported by us because they know we “get it.” We are a unique team because we have experienced the same joys, challenges, and day-to-day operations that they do. Loren and I have been in the industry from the time we were old enough to work. While our paths landed us in positions outside of the daily restaurant grind, we continue to work behind the scenes to serve our clients the way they serve others. We believe this is so necessary!

Why a Podcast?

In the spirit of highlighting our passion for building relationships, the idea to create a podcast was born. We thought it would be great to give Hospitality professionals a platform to share their stories. To give a glimpse into what it takes to create the beauty and consistency that their guests love. To share their true experiences bravely, showing other industry professionals that they are not alone. This is a challenging industry. The ROI on an education that prepares you for a career in Hospitality isn’t there. The very environments we crave and love can also foster negative, dangerous things like addiction, abuse, and discrimination. Historically, this is also an industry that has used its own high stress and demand as an excuse for misbehavior. Despite these hard truths, we still show up for all the wonderful aspects of this line of work. We continue to fan that beautiful flame, however small it may be sometimes. We have an eternal desire to provide others with something they will appreciate and enjoy. Something they will remember and carry with them. With so many challenging situations in an industry that continues to struggle with a new normal, we feel that it’s important to talk about everything we have in common, feel passionate about, and also struggle with.

It has been an amazing experience learning more about the talented people behind the scenes. They bring their experiences in food, wine and service to our listeners with gusto and passion. However public their personas might be on their websites, social media or menus, their individual journeys are what we have enjoyed getting to know. They lead loudly and fight for what they want. They are happy to work behind the scenes. Seeing the magic of their food and service on their guests’ faces is reward enough. They put their heart and soul into their craft and thrive by passing on their knowledge to a new generation. They share a beautiful humbleness that is familiar and admirable at the same time. We invite you to join us, learn more about our favorite #Hospitalians, and share your own story with us. We are so lucky to have an amazing community of clients, colleagues, friends and mentors. (If you’re reading, you know who you are!) Stay tuned, as we share new stories. We extend a huge thanks to our podcast guests. We hear you, we see you, we are you.


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